Bobby Simone (Jimmy Smits) was a police officer with the NYPD 15th Precinct. He became Andy Sipowicz's new partner after John Kelly resigned from the NYPD.

Career on NYPD BlueEdit

Bobby's previous job had been as a driver for the police commissioner. He requested the job so he could spend more time with his wife because she was dying from cancer. He had a close friendship with Andy Sipowicz during his time in the squad.

Bobby started a relationship with Diane Russell, another cop in the office. According to NYPD guidelines the police department did not allow such couplings for officers who worked in the same precinct, so they kept it quiet up until the point that they were married by a justice of the peace Earlier, Bobby had to convince Diane that she had a drinking problem and helped her throuh it. The couple also conceived a child, but during the 5th season, Diane had a miscarriage. In the 5th season finale, Bobby and Diane were married at City Hall.

Shortly after the wedding, Bobby contracted a heart infection that required him to have a heart transplant. Although it seemed that Bobby would make it, he soon developed a gram infection which soon spread to his brain, causing a quick decline in his health, Due to him being on immunosupressants at the time to keep his body from from rejecting the heart, his immune system was not strong enough to withstand the infection, and he passed away. Bobby's death devastated Andy.